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Zavala 222 Apartments

Zavala 222 is located in the small village Zavala, on the South side of the island Hvar, by the seashore, near a unique pebbled beach and cave named Petarcica. 

The house boasts a private, secluded location and is surrounded by a pine forest. It is a perfect place for a summer vacation for the whole family and for all those who want to enjoy the pristine nature and crystal clear sea. 

We are looking forward to seeing You in Zavala 222.

Zavala 222 apartments
Sea view and Petarcica beach

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The island Hvar, the most beautiful among the islands


Geography of Hvar

The sea is crystal clear with beautiful bays and pebbled beaches, limestone hills, vineyards and fields of fragrant lavender, pine forests and picturesque villages rich with historical and cultural sites.​

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Small region Zavala

Zavala is a collective name for a small region on the tame and gentle southern side of the island. It is protected from cold northern winds and enjoys an abundance of sunny days.

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