The island Hvar is “the Mediterranean as it used to be”


A well-preserved island Hvar without excessive tourism development and commercialization, without haste and bustle.

“Croatia – the country of a Thousand Islands”. That used to be a popular tourist slogan. A ‘thousand’ islands might be exaggerated. It is true that we have a lot of islands however; most of them are a merely small green oasis in the deep blue sea. However, the message was good. Barren or wooded, lying in the sea like a giant water lily or just a rock sticking out of the sea, islands are always unique. The beauty lies in the diversity and diversity is what makes Hvar the most beautiful among the islands. What is the best thing about island Hvar…is difficult to define…

island Hvar offers so much: intact wooded coves at the foot of steep canyons, cliffs where waves and windbreak off sharp rocks and on the other side soft beaches with white pebbles. Dense forests of evergreen oaks and pines intertwine with karst – and lunar landscape. In the interior, the island offers the most fertile Adriatic plains, the south boasts almost vertical vineyards, basking in the sun and much more…

All that is painted by bright colors and accompanied by mesmerizing fragrances of the soil, lavender, rosemary, and various Mediterranean herbs and plants. Since ancient times, this region has been witnessing the merging of different cultures and civilizations, settlers and conquerors. Illyrians, Greeks, Venetians, Austrians have come here, settled and assimilated, mixed and interchanged, or left and gave way to the others and so built and formed towns, rich with history and stone-rich architecture, forts, and harbors. Hvar was also the site of several important maritime battles. The city of Hvar also boasts the first and still active people’s theatre in Europe.

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The taste of the fish just taken out of the sea is hard to forget and perfectly complements the famous Hvar wines. ​